Sunday, April 10, 2011

Play Tour: Laughing Yoga in Brooklyn

Friday night. Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Loft space with illustrated floors, lively plants, treasures scattered around the room wanting you to look.

There were eight of us. Two of us new to Laughter Yoga. Me being one of them.

There was just a tad of, "oh boy, Stella, why are you here?"

We started out in a circle and introduced ourselves as vegetables. I was a juicy tomato still warm from the sun. Others were asparagus, creamy avocado, crispy english cucumber, sexy radish, spicy hot, red pepper, garlic, and beet. We lovingly put something "in" to the circle and also "released" something from the circle. I put "in" Playing Big and I released "hesitation."

There we were, a whole day's worth of vitamins. Uncertain of how it would go.

So we did all sorts of silly things to make the faking fun such as giving our sexy laugh, giving our timid laugh, etc. We pretended to be animals, we moved our hips, we rolled our tongues out, and I rolled around all over the ground - one of my favorite moments. We spoke in laugh like it was words. We played Hokey Pokey in laugh. And eventually I got to a point where I watched myself laughing - almost like breathing - without consciously faking it. I was just, well, laughing.

The whole idea of Laughter Yoga is "fake it till you make it" + Improv. It's like William James, famous psychologist said, feelings follow action. So do what you want to be and eventually you'll be it.

This session was total play for me because:
1. I felt free to move my body and my voice
2. There was uncertainty and invention in each step
3. I was challenged and I took risks
4. I enjoyed it
5. It created intimacy with new friends

It's not for everyone. You have to be open to being a fool. But is life worth living if you don't risk that?

On my way to Boston for the next play pit stop. Going to 5wits at Foxborough and the Boston Science Museum.


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  1. Hi Beautiful, Im just seeing this now! two years later! Thank you for the writeup.))) We are back at it! Laughter Yoga every wednesday evenings at 7:45pm at Maha Rose.
    I hope to roll around with you again !