Tuesday, April 5, 2011

i love being easy

I recently returned to the gym for the first time in a long time. I took advantage of that one free trainer session they give you when you sign-up. Unfortunately, I was coming out of a bad cold without much sleep upon my first visit.

I almost didn't show. But I did (yeah, yeah, 80% of success is showing up - I tell people all the time).

Anyway. I get there and think, oh boy, some huge, over enthusiastic, big-muscle dude is going to make me run (not my favorite) or sweat like crazy - and right now, I just can't handle it.

But, instead, Danielle, who indeed turns out to be a huge, kindly enthusiastic, big-muscle dude, went easy on me. But actually, it was not JUST easy. It was just right.

For all you over achievers, let me repeat, E-A-S-Y C-A-N B-E J-U-S-T R-I-G-H-T.

I kept asking Danielle, "are you sure this is enough? will I get results just doing this? are you sure I shouldn't do more?"

Yes, yes. He assured me. Stella, it's your first day back. Okay, okay. I agreed. With relief and with disbelief: wow, I'm enjoying this.

You can create and work with ease or with struggle. Which one do you choose? Working with ease doesn't mean there is no challenge - it just means you're not fighting an uphill battle. You still can exert a lot of energy when things happen with ease, but the way you exert is willfully, joyfully, enthusiastically, almost effortlessly versus with dread, concern, and force.


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