Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Play Tour: Boston Museum of Science

I LOVED the Boston Museum of Science. I was reminded in traveling through the cosmos in the Planetarium and in watching the Lightening Show that we are made up of the stuff of the universe, that we are electric, that we are magnetic, that we are small, like the earth is relative to the thousands of planets out, but yet, we are each special.

As I write I want to delete. Because ugghh, such regular words don't capture the heightened sensation of connectiveness, awe, and delight that I got from receiving and engaging in the discoveries of the galaxy.

The thing with museums, which is my one thing against them, is that they require a lot of reading. Unless you happen to know it all. The reading is exhausting and interrupts the flow.

Overall, though. It was fun. I didn't want to leave.

In terms of the actual place. I think their strengths are in providing interactive, dynamic exhibits. They scatter topics and vary topics - so you are bound to find something you like. There's always a "show" playing or a demo of something happening. While design-wise it feels like a mall and is way too shiny and aesthetically un-inventive, the content and curation of content make it amazing.

This was play for two big ones:
1. Discovery - I learned, I got to choose my own path throughout the museum, I was surprised by the content.
2. Wonder - I reveled in the magnitude of what's possible. what could me more wonder-inspiring?
3. The whole point of the experience was to align, absorb, and engage in the wonders of life - all that was required was showing up with curiosity. That's play for moi.


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  1. Museum of science is one of the best museum, type of eclectic. There are lot of activities for children's as well as for us to which we can enjoy a lot. Lighting show, musical stairs and indoor physics playground are something that attracts me a lot.