Monday, November 22, 2010

Sulk. Just a little.


1. Realize you feel like shit. Be honest.
Whether you're angry, sad, anxious, or aren't sure but just out of can't change course if you don't recognize where you're at. Stop trying to stop whatever you're in. By pushing it away, ignoring it, or trying remedy it asap you're ignoring a symptom. Honor your emotions. No need to fake you're fine.

2. Allow it. Sulk.
We think so badly about negative emotion. But they are there to guide us towards a better way. It just doesn't feel comfortable. Let yourself sulk. Know that this is normal. When you catch a cold, you let it pass. You get all snotty and icky, but the best thing to do is just chill and let it run its course. Same here. Simmer a bit.

3. Get quiet.
Sulking usually is isolating. Any negative emotion - fear, anxiety, sadness, etc. is designed to push us away from danger. By doing that - it pushes us away from others. I think sulking in whatever you're feeling, may be good to do alone for just a bit. It enables you to tap into what may be going on. But be your own judge, you may prefer to share to help someone work it out with you.

4. Ask, "what's up?"
With as much curiosity as you can muster and without any judgment, ask yourself, deep inside, what is there to learn or gain from this ickeyness. Take your time. There is no time that is too long or too short. Take YOUR time - which only you KNOW.

5. Integrate and own.
Take in the lesson (although you might not recognize it as such at the time) with gratitude and own whatever responsibility you had in the creation of your own experience.

Make a choice to take one small step towards something that will lift your spirits..

Keep repeating until you feel not just better, but more grown.

much love,

*Disclaimer....this advice is for the rather small to moderate rough patches. If you are experiencing deep depression or a major traumatic event, do consult with a professional nearby for support. We all need support.

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