Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A drunken confession

Dear Audience:

I must admit this is written on a few glasses of wine and not so much food. It's been about a week since I've last written.

I've intentionally not written because I felt a lack of inspiration. And here's why and what I've learned about "lack of." (just in case you ever feel the same vacuum).

1. There is always abundance at hand.
It's really just about the perspective you have. I've let myself get so caught up in to-do's that I've lost the sense of "anything is possible" that I so pride myself in. There is always a way out. There is always a way in. There is always a refreshing solution. It might not be easy to decide - but the light is there. So freakin bask in it. It's up to you. Sonia Satra, a brilliant coach, has a great "perspectives" exercise to help one step out of the stuck-i-ness.

2. Thinking is bad.
Maybe it's because I'm a Gemini or a Vata-Pita(ayervedic dosha), I'm a very analytic heady person. But I know that the head, our cognitive functioning, isn't always aligned with the heart. Or the body. It's so easy to rationalize anything. But what is your heart telling you? (This isn't very scientific (yet), just human).

3. Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy. What brings you dance?
While coaching me, Sonia paid deep attention to my body language. She noticed when I think, I cross my arms. When I'm in the zone, I have a rhythm with my body and circle my hands. When I'm in my head, I fidget with my jewelry. When I get defensive, I go to the hips. As highly smart and in-tune I think I am...I know enough that I don't know. And sometimes my body knows best. And sometimes you need someone else to look and share what the hell is really going on. Sonia asked me to dig deep and consider what I could do to get me into my rhythmic zone. In positive psychology speak this would be considered a positive intervention (don't you just love gulping your own medicine?).

So for this week...as silly and small as they are... I'm committing to doing a few things that I know will snap me back to the creative, vivacious, energetic person I know I am. Here's my homework:

1. Wearing some really cute clothes.
2. Dancing (even if that means by myself and looking like a fool).
3. Spending time with one of my best friends who reminds me of my best self.

What are the small things that get YOU back to YOU?

With much love and vino,

PS This picture was taken when I was in Israel. I was just lifted up on the shoulders of very tall men to touch a sacred spot about 10 feet up on a wall. The superstition goes that if you touch this spot and make a wish, your wishes will come true. I love this picture because I am wide open and inspired.

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