Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to me.

On the eve of my big 2-9.

I just watched the movie, Precious. All I have to say is, thank you, God.

I just went to the bathroom.

And as I washed my hands, in much need of a manicure, I looked at them, and said, thank you, God.

Thank you for these hands. The hands that I used to nag (from age 4-20 something), “but they’re soooo puffyyyyy, so chuuuuuuuuuubbbbbbyyyy, so stumpy, uhhh!”

Now I love ‘em. And I’m grateful that I CAN love them.

I know many adults who still don’t love their bodies. But that’s like me saying I wish I didn’t grow up in North Brunswick, NJ.

It’s done. Get over it. It’s you. Love it. And integrate how it’s made you, you. Accept.

Today I celebrate all of me. Grateful for each freckle, pimple, whatever else I happen to have going on, and all the beauty in between.

I started this post at age 28. I then took a break and watched Management with Jennifer Aniston. And now I’m 29. And then I watched part of Hangover.

These three movies represent life, love, and the happy accidents in between. They each tell the story of characters who accept the unexpected, fold into it (perhaps initially resisting) and then, revel in the unpredictable positive outcome of it all making sense in the end.

Here's to a year of gracefully and gratefully accepting, of trusting the mystery, and living as brightly in my light as I can, each step and turn of the way.

Happy Birthday to me!


If you haven’t watched any of the above movies, you absolutely must! I didn't plan on watching them. Nor in that order. But I totally recommend that flow.

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