Thursday, March 24, 2011

I heart the Library

Here's a few words inspired by the NYC Public Library:

tunnels and stacks
order of mystery
hushed intensity
space of quest and creation
magic tube messengers with arrivals of my unknown
earnest gatekeepers and guides
i adore you
thank you, nyc public library, you're the bombdiggity

I got all juiced up about the library today. It was such a treat to say, "I need to find X, can you help?" And in a few seconds...we got a lead. There was something magnificent about this in the age of google. I felt grateful that so much knowledge was organized, ready, and waiting...just for me to ask and for me to touch and feel and turn, page, by page. I felt supported and knew that the librarians were happy to support me.

This experience reminded me that everywhere you go...asking for help is just as much about receiving as it is about giving someone an opportunity to do what they do best - or at least contribute. Another goodie thought I received have a choice, you can stare at the stacks of closed books, and think..."oh shit," or, if you figure out the right questions to ask, you get to find exactly the page you're looking for. That page, that sentence, that key is waiting for's just a matter of asking.

Not sure what to ask? Sometimes the best question to ask is, "what would be the best question for me to ask if I'm trying to do X? Or, "Tell me what I need to know."

Remember what David Cooperider said, "The questions we ask create our reality."


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