Monday, January 24, 2011

Damn, it's been 10 days!

I was about to go to sleep. And decided to check in to my blog to see how long it's been. Damn it's been 10 days! I've gone back and forth with commitments about this blog. "I'll wake up every morning at 7am and write something." "I'll focus these blog posts so they're more strategic and delivering against my objective of..." "I'll figure out the objective of this blog."

While my intentions are great... my attention is limited.

Not just mine, but everyone's! Our attention is FINITE! The possibilities are infinite. You get to choose where you put your attention to create whatever you want.

So I accept that in the creation of my desired reality...sometimes, some other things just don't get the love. Sorry's been 10 days!

Thank you for reading, for supporting, and being patient as what I really want for this blog continues to inch closer to its actualization... in tandem with my own.

Much love,

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