Thursday, September 16, 2010


I truly believe that we get what we ask for. That we choose the life we live today. The key is to make those choices as consciously as possible - otherwise you might lose your voice when you need it most.

Let me share an example I'm living right now.

If you read my last post, you'll know that I lost my voice. (It's still finding its way back after about one week).

This is quite an inconvenient time not to speak. Work is busier than ever with our upcoming event: I need to be on the phone with speakers, sponsors, members, new employees, and volunteers. Plus, next week I'm attending Omega's Women and Power Conference and look forward to meeting hundreds of amazing people - I need my voice in full effect.

But, I must say, I actually asked to be silent at exactly this time. Earlier this year there was nothing I didn't want more than to escape to a silent retreat in upstate New York in early September for 10 days. While finishing my masters I kept promising myself that I'd give myself this gift.

Well, I may be stuck in New Jersey for now, but I certainly got the no-talking I craved. It might not be in the form I envisioned, but it's here.

We really must be careful what we ask for. Or rather, be careful in our thoughts. Because everything gets answered.

I'm grateful for this rather unexpected answer to my desires. It's at least a reminder that I have the power to create my whole life and the events that I experience.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.



  1. Sometimes it's the unexpected that brings the biggest benefits!

  2. That sounds more to me like a coincidence. What you actually wanted was the relaxation that comes with being away from people and being away from the business of everyday life.

    Maybe you should still take that retreat :)

  3. I agree with this 100% - I find more often I am in a situation or have something that I had been needing/wanting/asking the universe for. Rarely is it exactly how I envisioned it and often I don't realize I've gotten my 'wish' until it has either already in motion or passed me by!