Monday, July 5, 2010

God in Starbucks

“Late night sex, so wet, so tight…you can have whatever you like…I want your body, need your body, as long as you have me…”

This is a line from a song that played randomly on Pandora as I was reading one of the most deep spiritual stories I ever crossed.

Let me just paint this picture further:

To spite the fact that I have to write and research on July 5th (when everyone else is out on the beach or bbq'ing), I’m wearing a ridiculous outfit, my newest high heels, and crazy bright pink lipstick to… Starbucks in the middle of New Jersey. That’s right.

I have a tall coffee in hand. And am reading and sobbing. My f’it – I’m-going-to-look-good-even-though-I –have-no-where-to-go-but-sit-my-ass-down and write, make-up is washing down my face as I'm reading about an encounter with God.

I gulp my tall coffee.

And sit back at the irony...The high and the low. The deep and the hip-hop. The obnoxious vanity and tender sensitivity. The commercial and the truth...And relish this experience of being divinely human.

Much love,

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