Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our reality is created by the questions we ask...

The title is a quote by David Cooperrider, founder of Appreciate Inquiry, a change management process. For more on this, see my previous post "Hugging David Cooperrider."

Anyway, after watching Alice in Wonderland tonight I found myself asking some questions that opened up to different realities. I'm still figuring out the right question to ask. But the thinking goes like this..

First Question: How do you inspire the message that "anything is possible" if someone doesn't really care?

(Hmmm, this question already feels depressing and hopeless from the get-go).

Second stab: How do you have the patience and compassion to care to inspire that "anything is possible" to someone who hasn't ever really thought big for themselves?

(Hmmm, this is getting warmer. At least here the question assumes it's possible to inspire the idea that anything is possible, so long as you do it right.

Third shot: What is my responsibility?

Hmmming with love,

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